Toyota Prius Car Owners Manual

Toyota Prius Car Owners ManualWhat car defines what a hybrid should be (and is) more than the Toyota Prius? Although it was on sale in Japan by 1997, the Toyota Prius did not hit the U.S/Canadian market until the 2001 model year, when it was unveiled as a low-volume sedan. That first Prius had a combined EPA MPG rating of 42. That number would rise in the year’s to come.

By 2008, the Prius had reached the 1 million unit mark in sales. By 2010, with long-term high fuel costs in the United States, the Prius hit the 2 million mark.

Use the Toyota Prius Car Owners Manual to find important vehicle specifications, maintenance  schedules and important hybrid safety guidelines.

We have the Toyota Prius Car Owners Manual for each model year Toyota Prius below. The manuals are in PDF format and available for free, courtesy of the manufacturer’s website.

Toyota Prius Car Owners Manual

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