Toyota Highlander Car Owners Manual

Toyota Highlander Car Owners ManualThe Toyota Highlander is a front-wheel drive, car-based SUV (also called a crossover or CUV) built on the Camry chassis. It was released for sale in 2000 as a new 2001 model year. The first generation was sold until 2007, when it was replaced by the second-generation Highlander.

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid model was released in 2006 and continues to be a popular seller for the brand.

Sales in the U.S. have been consistent if not somewhat stagnant since the Highlander was released. Based on total SUV sales, which took a nose dive when fuel prices increased, the Highlander holds its own.

We have each Toyota Highlander Car Owners Manual available here. The downloadable manuals are in Adobe PDF format, and can be opened and read on most computers and in some Web browsers.

Toyota Highlander Car Owners Manual

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