Infiniti M Hybrid Owner’s Manual

Are you looking for the Infiniti M Hybrid owners manual in digital format? We have it here, available for all to download for free.

The Infiniti M Hybrid, to be sold as the Nissan Fuga Hybrid in Japan where it is the top performance trim there, will introduce Nissan’s first in-house developed electric hybrid technology, and the carmaker claims it will double the fuel economy of its gasoline-powered version.

Nissan also announced that the Nissan Infiniti/Fuga Hybrid, together with the Nissan Leaf, will include its new Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians system to alert pedestrians, the blind and others to their presence when the hybrid is operating at low speeds in all-electric mode.

The Infiniti M Hybrid owners manual covers the operation of all the car’s various features.

Infiniti M Hybrid Owner’s Manual

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