Download the Ford Explorer Sport Trac Owners Manual in PDF Format

2002 Explorer Sport Trac ShownLooking for a Ford Explorer Sport Trac owners manual? Download yours below. Ford introduced its hybrid SUV/Truck in 2001. The Ford Explorer Trac was the first of its kind. An pickup truck equipped with the amenities of a Ford SUV – it’s a route Chevy would take the following year with the Avalanche.

The first generation fro 2001-2005 came with a 4.0L V6 and a crew cab with plenty of legroom for passengers.
It 2006 the second generation improved upon the first generation with 17 inches more length. Allowing more cargo space in the bed as well as more space for passengers. The bed was lined with molded composite to prevent denting and rust.

Amenities for the 2006-2009 generation included power windows and mirrors, air conditioning, keyless entry, cruise control and CD player. A navigation system was included in the Luxury Limited edition. The second generations motor was a 4.0L V6 with 254 pounds of torque or 4.6 V8 with 300 pounds of torque.
The Trac was discontinued in 2010 but still remains a source of inspiration for designers in the SUV and truck market.

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