Download the Ford Escort Owners Manual in PDF Format

Ford EscortThe Ford Escort was a compact car that was manufactured by ford from 1981-2003. The Escort was the successor to the Ford Pinto, and Predecessor to the Ford Focus. It was the Ford Motor Company’s first successful world car, as it was popular worldwide, being sold under many names including: the Ford Laser, the Mazda 323, and the Mazda Autorama. The Escort was Ford’s first front wheel drive vehicle, and was its most successful vehicle for most of the 1980s.

The Ford Escort was available in many different body styles and configurations during the years it was produced, going through three different generations during its production. These styles included a 3-door hatchback, a 4-door sedan, a 5-door station wagon, and a 5-door hatchback. Throughout its production, the Escort was available with both 5-speed manual transmission, and 4-speed automatic transmission. The escort was available in three different trim packages including the SE, the LX, and the Sport.

As this vehicle has been out of production for a decade, you may have found that you have lost your owners manual, or have purchased a used Ford Escort that did not come with an owner’s manual. Below are PDF copies of owners manuals for the Ford Escort; if a specific year or model is currently unavailable, keep checking back as more owners manuals are being added.

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