Download the Ford Aspire Online Owners Manual

Aspire Owners ManualThe Ford Aspire was the North American brand name for the second generation of the Ford Festiva (not to be confused with the similar named Ford Fiesta). The Aspire was a revolutionary sub-compact car, as it was the first sub-compact car to be produced in the United States with the upgraded safety features of driver and passenger airbags on every model, and was the first of its kind to have anti-lock brakes as an available upgrade.

The Ford Aspire was available in two trim levels and in two body styles; it was available in both 2 and 4 door hatchback styles. The Ford Aspire was a fairly basic model; it came plain, and had very few upgrade options available. In fact, the 4-door did not have any upgrade levels, and there was only one upgrade level available in the 2-door. However, the Aspire was liked and well known for is great handling on the road.

The Ford Aspire was available with manual and automatic transmission, and came standard with the either the 1.3 or 1.5 L Mazda B3/B5 I4 engine.

Find your Aspire’s owners manual below in PDF format, and then proceed to the download page.

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