Download the Ford Aerostar Owners Manual in PDF Format

Ford_Aerostar_LWB_1992-97Ford Motor Company engineers needed to design a minivan due to demand from the marketplace. The Aerostar was Ford’s first successful minivan, Ford had previous success with light trucks, and therefore, Aerostars were made like pick-ups. They were unibodied trucks complete with rear wheel drive.

Model years were from 1986-1997. The second generation included four wheel drives, which were activated when the vehicle detected wheel spinning. Both vans and wagons were made with either standard or extended lengths. Engine sizes and horse power levels varied. Trim and accessories also varied greatly though the years. The Aerostar was named Motor Trend magazine’s Truck of the Year for 1990. The model was replaced by the Windstar.

The second generation included exterior design changes plus air bags. The manual for the Ford Aerostar model, van or wagon, is found in PDF form using the link below. Specific manuals are indexed by model year. If the Ford Aerostar manual is missing, check back soon. We’re constantly adding new owners manuals.

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