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Neon Owner's ManualsLooking for a Dodge Neon owner’s manual? We have the owners manuals for several Dodge Neon models. Find yours below to proceed to the download page.

The Dodge Neon has been praised for its sporty appearance and affordability. The Neon had more power than its competitors such as the Ford Escort, Toyota Corolla, and the Honda Civic. The Dodge Neon has been in several compact car races such as the Autocross Stock Road Racing and the SCCA competitions.

The Dodge Neon was produced from 1993 up until September 23, 2005. This car replaced the Dodge Shadow, the Plymouth Sundance, the Duster, and The Dodge Colt. There were 2 generations of the Dodge Neon. The first one ran from 1993 up until 1999. The second was from 2000 up until 2005.

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