Download the BMW 3-Series Owners Manual

BMW 3 Series Owners ManualThe German Automaker BMW started making the 3 Series in 1975. Since, there have been six generations of the 3 series. The 3 series has had five different body styles. It is the BMWs top selling model.

The F30 is the current 3 Series. It was introduced In October of 2011 in Munich. There are three styles of the f30: 4-door sedan, 5 door touring and a 5 door hatchback. The sedan hp ranges from 180 hp to 240 hp. The coupes and the convertibles hp ranges from 230 hp to 320 hp. The Sports Wagon ranges in horsepower from 181 to 241. The gran turismo has a 240 horsepower and a 300 horsepower car.

The BMW 3 series has been featured in many magazines such as Car and Driver and Grassroots Motorsport. It was on Car and Driver’s Ten Best list 22 times. The 3 Series also won the Bext Executive Saloon in 2012.

The owners manual for the BMW 3 series is in PDF format. Each manual is orderable by model year. If the owners manual for your model is not available at this moment, please check back soon.

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