Download the Chevrolet Malibu Owners Manual

2009 Malibu Hybrid

Need a Malibu owners manual? The Chevrolet Malibu was first introduced in 1978. The car now has a front-wheel drive configuration to replace the old rear-wheel drive configuration. The shocks and suspension have been redesigned to give drivers a quiet and comfortable ride. Advanced electronics include Bluetooth capability and an MP3 connection. The trim levels of the Malibu include the LT, Eco and LS. Although the car is a four-cylinder, it has enough power to give drivers a fun car to drive in town or on the highway.

The sleek appearance of the Malibu is perfect for teenagers who are looking for something stylish to drive or for older adults who want something safe yet luxurious. The car is considered a family sedan. However, a turbo charged motor can be added to the car. Malibu has recently came out with the Eco model. This is similar to a hybrid vehicle. Similar cars include the Buick Century and the Pontiac Grand Prix.

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