Remove the Fuse Panel from the Chevy Impala

The 2003 Chevy Impala has four accessible fuse panels. There are two panels in the car’s interior, on each side of the dash. There are also two underhood fuse panels accessible in the engine compartment. Removing the fuse panels is necessary to access and replace the Impala’s fuses and relays. The panels are not attached by screws or bolts, and come off with ease.

Removing the Interior Fuse Panels

Open the driver or passenger side door and inspect the applicable edge of the dash. You’ll see a panel marked “Fuses.”

Grasp the fuse panel by its embedded handle. Pull the panel toward the rear of the Impala and outward to remove it from the side of the dashboard.

Push the panel toward the front of the Impala and inward to reattach it when you are finished.

Removing the Underhood Fuse Panels

Shut off the Impala’s engine and open the hood. Approach the passenger side of the engine compartment.

Inspect the area beneath the passenger-side strut mount. Here you’ll see two fuse panels.

Grasp the clips on both sides of the panel. Pull the clips outward and lift the panel to remove it, exposing the fuses. Repeat for the other underhood fuse panel.

Push the panel back over the fuse block until it snaps in place to reattach it.

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