How to Replace the Volkswagen Golf Mirrors

The Volkswagen Golf may either come with a manual mirror knob or an electric mirror control knob. The process of removing the knob varies depending on the type. You may need to remove the mirror knob because its broken and requires replacing, or because you plan on removing the car’s door panel.

Manual Mirror Knobs

Put on a pair of gloves and open the door to better access the inside door panel.

Grasp the mirror knob firmly. Twist it counterclockwise to unscrew it from the door panel.

Attach it back to the mount, and then twist it clockwise to replace it.

Electric Mirror Knobs

Pry at the edges of the trim panel around the mirror knob to release the panel. Pull it straight off.

Remove the mounting screw with a Phillips screwdriver. The screw is visible once the trim panel is off.

Pull the mirror knob unit out and unplug it to remove it.

Plug the mirror knob wire back into the rear of the unit when you are ready to replace it.

Set the mirror knob back in its mount, and then tighten the Phillips screw.

Push the trim panel over the mounted mirror knob, sliding the knob through the panel’s center hole. Push it firmly against the door panel to snap it back in.

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