How to Turn on the Volkswagen Passat High Beam Headlights

The Volkswagen Passat is available in wagon or sedan configuration. It is also available in several trim levels, including GL, GLS, GLX and W8. All Passat models are equipped with high beam headlights. High beam headlights are useful if you are driving in conditions that require a larger field of vision. However, it’s not recommended to use them when other cars are directly in front of you, as this can make it difficult for the other driver to see.

You can turn on the high beam lights using the master lighting switch. You can also temporarily turn on the high beams by using the turn signal stalk.

Sit in the Volkswagen Passat’s driver side seat. Inspect the left side of the dash, right next to the steering wheel. You’ll see the main light switch.

Turn the light switch to the “D” symbol to turn on the high beam headlights. This setting is all the way to the left.

Turn the switch all the way to the right to turn on the low beam headlights when you want to turn off the high beams.

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