How to Replace the Toyota Camry License Plate Light

The sixth generation Toyota Camry, including the 2006 model Camry, has two license plates. There is one light mounted on each side of the license plate. To access these lights for replacement, you’ll need to remove the upper trunk fabric liner. Expect the license plate replacement process to take about 10 minutes. Wearing gloves when handling the replacement light bulbs prevents them from getting dirty, which could foul them out.

Turn off the Camry’s engine and open the trunk. Inspect the inside part of the trunk liner. You’ll see small black rivets around the perimeter of the liner, plus a couple in the center of the liner.

Pry the rivets out with your fingers. If necessary, use a flathead screwdriver to pry them out. Pull the trunk liner down to remove it. Now you’ll see the trunk’s sheet metal and the two license plate light sockets.

Unplug the connection from the light sockets. Grasp the sockets and turn them clockwise to unhook them. Pull them down to remove them.

Pull the bulb away from the light socket. Insert the new bulb and push it straight down to attach it. Repeat for the other light socket.

Insert the sockets with the new bulbs into their mounts. Turn them counterclockwise to tighten them.

Plug the connections into each light socket.

Align the trunk liner’s holes with the rivet mounting holes in the trunk sheet metal. Push each of the rivets back into place to reattach the liner. Close the trunk.

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