How to Replace the Dipstick in a Hyundai

Like all modern cars, Hyundai vehicles have an engine oil dipstick that allows you to check the engine oil level. It also has a transmission fluid dipstick. The process of replacing either dipstick is the same. They are both located in an easily accessible spot. For best results, replace your dipsticks with official Hyundai replacement dipsticks, to avoid aftermarket compatibility issues.

Shut off the Elantra’s engine and let it cool for at least 20 minutes.

Pull the hood release switch beneath the steering column. Approach the hood and slide the latch to the side while simultaneously lifting to open it. Lift the hood support bar to prop the hood for safety.

Inspect the engine compartment to find the dipsticks. At the front edge of the engine compartment, slightly left of center, you’ll see a dipstick with a yellow handle. This is the oil dipstick. At the front edge slightly right of center, you’ll see dipstick with a red handle. This is the transmission fluid dipstick.

Grasp the handle on the dipstick you want to replace. Pull it upward to remove it from the sleeve. Clean the end of the dipstick with a shop towel.

Insert the new dipstick into the sleeve. Push it down firmly to install it. If desired, pull the dipstick out and inspect the marking to determine your engine oil level.

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