Removing the Honda Ridgeline Factory Radio

Honda’s Ridgeline is a four-door mid-size truck; it’s primarily known for its unique exterior design, or as Car and Driver magazine put it, “a face only a mother could love.”

The Ridgeline is available with several different stereo options, including a six-disc in-dash changer; regardless of the stereo yours has, removal requires the same procedure. Although a large dash panel must be removed to access the stereo, it’s relatively simple to remove. Remove the Honda Ridgeline factory radio by following the procedure below:

Remove any CDs from your radio. Turn the engine off and open the hood. Use your pliers to loosen the nut securing the negative battery cable to the post. Lift the cable away from the battery post. The negative (ground) battery cable is black; it’s facing the driver’s side fender well in your engine bay. Unhooking it prevents shock and ensures your safety.

Examine the dash panel surrounding your stereo; the panel extends from the radio, all the way over to the other side of your steering wheel. This entire panel must come off to access the radio.

Grab the panel above the radio with one hand, and then grab it above the steering column with the other. Pull the panel sharply to disengage the clips attaching it. Once the panel is detached, maneuver it up and around the steering column. Set the panel aside.

Remove the five Phillips screws mounting your stereo; there are two screws on the left side and three on the right. Set the screws down in your cupholder–you don’t want to lose them.

Carefully pull the stereo and the storage compartment out (they are connected) enough to access the side. On the stereo’s side, you’ll find two more Phillips screws; remove these screws and separate the storage compartment from the stereo.

Unplug the antenna lead from behind the stereo, and then unplug the wiring harness. If your Ridgeline has satellite radio, there will be another connection to unplug.

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