Check the Availability of an Ohio License Plate

Ohio’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) allows drivers who are registering a vehicle to order personalized license plates. Before attempting to order your plate, you’ll want to check on the availability of the plate to ensure your application will sail through smoothly. The most convenient way to do this is online, but you can also check on a personalized plate by telephone or in person. The availability of a plate does not guarantee the plate will be issued.

Visit oplates, the Ohio BMV website for ordering license plates. Click on “Special Plates Availability Checking.”

Choose your type of vehicle. For example, select “Passenger Car,” “Non-Commercial Truck” or “Motorcycle.” Click “Continue.”

Choose the plate design you want. You can choose either the standard Ohio license plate design or one of the custom designs, such as one representing a sports team or a specific college. Click “Continue.”

Input the six-digit personalized message you want to put on your plate. You can use digits one through nine, or you can use letters or a combination of letters and numbers.

Click “Check Availability.” This will tell you if the personalized plate is available.

Tip: You can also check on the availability of a personalized plate by calling the Ohio BMV’s special plate hotline. The number is 1-800-589-TAGS (8247). You can also visit a BMV office to inquire about a plate’s availability. If the state determines that the message you want to display on a plate is obscene or questionable, it may not issue it

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