How to Replace Fog Lamps on a Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla doesn’t come standard with fog lamps, but some higher end models came with the feature as an option. Expect the fog lamps to require replacing once every couple of years or so, depending on how often you use them. When they fail, you can replace them yourself instead of hiring a professional mechanic. Installing new fog lamps takes about 10 minutes per side.

Remove the three fog lamp panel bolts from the underside of the Corolla’s front corner.

Pull the bottom edge of the liner downward to move it out of the way. This gives you access to the fog lamps.

Reach your hand into the fog lamp area and grasp the rear of the fog lamp base.

Turn the base counterclockwise to detach it. Pull it rearward to slide it out.

Push the lock release on the fog lamp bulb connection, and then pull the bulb out of its base.

Push the new fog lamp bulb into the connection. You’ll hear it snap as it connects.

Insert the fog lamp bulb back into its mount and turn it clockwise to attach it.

Push the plastic fender liner back into place and replace the three bolts.

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