New Fiat Adds Console Espresso Machine

Fiat Espresso - 500L

There have been plenty of controversial moves in the auto industry in recent years, but this one may take home the gold. Italian automaker Fiat has announced it will include a built-in espresso machine in the all-new 500L, a five-seat wagon.

U.S. buyers with dreams of avoiding Starbucks shouldn’t hold their breath, however, as the company is only introducing the feature for European markets.

The Fiat 500L will hit showrooms in Italy in October, and be released to the rest of Europe shortly after. The model is slated to be released in the U.S. in 2013. It’s unclear if Fiat has plans to add the integrated console espresso machine to the North American 500L or any other U.S. sold models.

For safety purposes, the 500L’s espresso maker is only functional when the car is stopped. This is certainly a good thing, as the thought of drivers making a cup of Joe on the highway at 70mph is a little unsettling.

Fiat worked with Lavazza to develop the console espresso machine based on the company’s existing A Modo Mio coffee-pod system.

The Fiat 500L will be assembled in Serbia.

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